Farron Kendrick

I am a young, petite female with a very short above the knee amputation.  As an infant, I lost my left leg due to a blood clot.  I have always worn a hip disartic style prosthesis with a safety knee.  With my past prothetic, I experienced lots of back pain and heat rash.  Additionally, my clothes never fit correctly because of the extra bulk of my leg.  In the past, I have been very self-conscience about my walk and appearance.

Advanced Prosthetics helped me receive the C-leg and tried an new prosthetic style called a lock & pin suspension prosthesis.  The reduced weight of my new leg has greatly lessened my back discomfort and improved my gait.  My new leg matches my silhouette so that my clothes fit better.   With my new prosthetic, I feel so much more confident in my appearance!

Thank You Advanced Prosthetics!

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