Tapley “Tap” Davis

In November of 2010, I visited Jim Williamson in the Spartanburg office for repairs and adjustments to my aging above the knee prosthesis.  My old prosthesis had served me well for approximately 5 years.  However, I had noticed that over the last couple of years, my stability on this prosthesis had deteriorated. I was stumbling more and was actually falling on an average of every 1 to 2 months.  After discussing this with Jim, he suggested that I may want to consider visiting the Ottobock website and check out the C-Leg; a microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee.  I looked at the website including the technical documentation and testimonials.  I was impressed with the claims such as permanent stance phase control, ability to weight the prosthesis during flexion, and less energy expenditure while walking.  I was somewhat skeptical because I had worn a microprocessor controlled knee several years ago with less than anticipated results.  However, Jim advised that the patients that he had fitted with the C-Leg were very pleased and experienced a better quality of life.  He provided valuable insight about other patients experiences with this knee; especially the stability factor.  Even though I was still skeptical about this new technology, I had complete trust in Jim.   He demonstrated his genuine interest in my well-being, along with his vast knowledge of prosthetics.

Thus, we proceeded with fitting the C-Leg which has been one of the best decisions in my life.  The benefits I recognized while wearing the microprocessor is the ability to focus on more than just taking your next step.  After a few weeks with the C-Leg, I realized that I didn’t think about the next step at all! My gait produced by the microprocessor seems to be a natural part of me instead of an artificial leg. Additionally, I noticed is the C-Leg takes a lot less energy than my previous prosthetic knees.  I was significantly less tired at the end of the day.  I was most impressed with the astonishing amount of stability the knee offers.  After almost one full year with my C-Leg, I have not fallen once!

The level of service provided by Jim Williamson and the team at Advanced Prosthetics (from the front desk throughout the shop) has been outstanding. They have continually ensured that I have had the proper information to make an informed purchase.  They have made sure my prosthetic had a proper fit and demonstrated a genuine concern for my quality of life.  This group works hard to excel in meeting the needs of their clients.  They go the extra mile and are very successful at making each patient feel special and a part of the Advance Prosthetics family.  I am very grateful for all of the individuals who have participated in this life changing experience and the wonderful friendship which we share.

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